Understanding Modern Violence

Understanding Modern Violence and how violent crime occurs is the first step towards self defense and personal safety knowledge.

  • Explore our detailed analysis of violent crime statistics and trends.
  • Learn about the Alpha Male and the Predator and the nature of human violence.
  • Develop an appreciation of how modern weapons are used to commit violent crime.
  • Examine real case studies of violent attacks.
  • Learn how to apply the knowledge taught on the course so you can avoid being chosen as a target or victim of violent crime.

All this and more and all in a logical progression. It's free and completely own pace.


Understanding Modern Violence and how violent crime occurs is the first step towards self defense and personal safety knowledge. Once you understand violence and how it happens you can take effective steps to avoid it altogether.

The self defense and martial arts industries teach that self defense starts when you are attacked by a person. We think this is seriously flawed and introduces the risk of injury and a hospital visit. Even if a person ‘successfully’ defends themselves against some form of attack, they are then at the mercy of the legal system relating to the use of force.

Instead, we are arguing that the point that a person is being attacked is when their self defense knowledge and skills have already failed them. Intelligent self defense starts well before an attacker is anywhere near you.

This online course aims to instill an understanding of what modern human to human violence looks like, how it happens, what weapons are used, where it happens, in what circumstances and by who.


It doesn't matter if you have never done any martial arts or self defense classes in your entire life or if you have been practising or teaching martial arts or self defense for 5, 10 or 20 + years. The knowledge both groups will gain by doing this course has very little cross over to what happens in a physical encounter.

This course is a perfect accompaniment to those who are already doing physical training and want to develop complimentary modern violence knowledge.

Understanding violence is the first step in avoiding and countering violence. Understanding modern violence is the most efficient and effective path in developing self defense knowledge and skills.

If you don't understand violence, how can you expect to deal with it effectively?

We think our online course is a great use of the internet medium. This course provides knowledge and education which is a great fit for online training as people can learn when and where it suits them. People can spend more time absorbing material that is more challenging for them and skim over material they quickly understand. Teaching physical skills is best suited for person to person training.

The concept of avoiding violent crime as being a higher skill than fighting your way out of a violent crime encounter is not new. Sun Tzu, the Chinese General and military strategist penned the famous work the The Art of War back in the 6th Century. Perhaps his most sage advice, from that classic, is as follows.

"To have 100 victories in 100 battles is not the highest skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the highest skill."
— Sun Tzu


Upon enrolment you will receive a completely free copy of the Human Combative Behaviour Manifesto.

In this Manifesto you will learn all about the Alpha Male and the Predator. You will learn about the true nature of human violence, learn about long term violent crime trends, violent crime categories and why that is useful, results of statistical analysis of violent crime in order to discover violent crime truths (as opposed to headlines) and learn about approaches to deal with both the Alpha Male and Predator.

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“Lots of good information, forming a basis for sound self-defense (or self-preservation, self-survival, whatever term we choose to use nowdays) training.

Avoidance is the preferred method of dealing with both issues, and situational awareness is the key to this - too often, alcohol and other sensory overload will dilute one’s awareness.

In a perfect world, everyone has a right to do/act how they want, and with no bad consequences. In the real world, display ‘prey’ behavior and take your chances. The choice is yours."
— Don Weiss, www.yaukungmun.blogspot.com
“Excellent book. I will be adding it to my list of recommended material."
— Trevor Thrasher, C.O.O., 88 Tactical/High Threat Systems
“It really helped, and helps me to understand certain situations, to be more cautious and especially avoiding dangerous situations as best I can. It really opened my eyes, being myself someone with a big ego and a very high basic testosterone quality, even in my 40s..."
— Robert Fleurke
“This manifesto is a well-researched, well written, and extremely useful exploration into the major causes of interpersonal violence. Adam does a great job of breaking down the different types of attacks and looking at what would constitute an appropriate response to an attack. He also emphasises avoidance of high risk areas. When integrated with one’s martial arts training, the manifesto and case studies (in my opinion) can make one less prone to being attacked and more likely to respond effectively to an attack. Adam has done a great service to the martial arts community (and the public at large) by making these resources available for free."
— Greg J.
“It provides a lot of good and useful information which should be read by everyone given the potential it has to save people from harm."
— Steve
“You have done a good job by opening the most basic concepts that everybody seriously wanting to learn how to protect themselves, should research.

The areas and topics that effect self-protection situations are so numerous and everything affects everything and they bind together that it is hard to cover one topic without going into another. You are quite correct that alpha-male versus predatory situations need a different approach to handle the de-escalation situation."
— Jari, www.impactdefense.com
“The thoughts and mechanisms mentioned there should be the first thing to consider,.....if done successfully you may never need your Karate, your Kali or any of the skills you are training to defend yourself in real life and it can remain a “relaxed” sport."
— Arne from Germany
“I’ve been instructing (both) Law Enforcement and civilian Life Protection techniques for over 30 years and this can provide my civilian students with a “quickie” evaluation of aggressor types (L.E. Regularly “profiles” suspects, though for them it demands a different response, and is under different circumstances)."
— 'Openhand'
“As an instructor in conflict management, personal awareness and defence I found this manifesto insightful and easy to read and understand. It reinforces what I teach and I can see it being something that I will urge all of my students to read."
— Jason
“Adam, as a police officer, professional bodyguard, and self-defense instructor who has authored his own book on civilian self-defense, I must congratulate you on the Manifesto. I read it all the way through when I first received it out of professional interest and was not disappointed. It is amazing how close our conclusions are on the two types of potentially dangerous people there are in the world, the first engaging in what I refer to as “Anti-social behavior” (your Alpha male) and the practitioner of “Asocial violence” (your Predator). Your conclusions are spot on. Very few so-called “instructors” or “experts” understand this fundamental difference, but three decades on the street tells me you are absolutely correct. I will pay close attention to anything you send me to consider in my email inbox!"
— Tom
“A very informative piece of literature, now I know what to be on the look out for. Thank you for taking the time to write this and present it in such a tidy and well made manner."

— Paul. V

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